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What are the pros and cons of the four approaches to managing retirement savings. How to implement a bucketing or time segmentation retirement investing approach.

Topics covered include:

  • Why it takes time to find a retirement pattern that fits
  • How retirement investing is a balance between safety-first and probability-based as well as maintaining optionality and committing.
  • How total return investing differs from a safety-first approach
  • What are products allow for a risk floor but also provide some potential growth
  • How a time segmentation or bucket approach to retirement investing works

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Show Notes

Retirement Planning Guidebook: Navigating the Important Decisions for Retirement Success (The Retirement Researcher Guide Series) by Wade Pfau

A Model Approach to Selecting a Personalized Retirement Income Strategy by Alejandro Murguia and Wade D. Pfau

The Four Approaches to Managing Retirement Income Risk by Wade D. Pfau

Build Ladders With iBonds® ETFs—iShares

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