Cody Townsend: Timing is Everything

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Welcome back to the Next Level Skiing podcast, brought to you by Wagner Skis. Today, I chat with Cody Townsend, a Southern California football superstar turned mountain hero. He has piloted a career on skis unlike any other I’ve seen. He claims his achievements were driven by boredom, of all things.

His current undertaking, The Fifty Project, exposes the glory and work in skiing and mountaineering.

Join us as we discuss his transition from heliskiing to hiking peaks and the unrelenting mental game involved therein.


[03:52] Cody’s experience growing up in a football family.

[04:22] How his family got him into skiing.

[06:41] Critical skills he developed as a racer.

[11:42] Cody’s experience as a heliskier and the ensuing transition to mountaineering.

[12:07] Boredom and danger were catalysts to his shift.

[15:54] The single most important skill in ski mountaineering.

[19:15] Heading into his Fifty Project knowing he had a lot to learn.

[24:25] Skiing the Sphinx in Alaska.

[26:45] Perceptions of pro skiers vs. the reality.

[29:05] The tendency to pull back when skiing intense steeps.

[32:40] A basic drill that helps change your mindset on the steeps.

[36:25] The experience that made him dream about skiing The Crack.

[37:50] Drawing on past experiences to help you reach the next level.

[39:40] Why skiing partners can affect your experience.

[45:00] An article made Cody tear up.

[46:35] A great piece of advice Cody received.


The Fifty Project

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