Erik Lambert: Backcountry - More Than Just Avy Skills

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Welcome back to Next Level Skiing, where we pick the brains of the best in the sport. Today, I speak with Erik Lambert, one of the founders of Bluebird Backcountry. He and his partner wanted to test the idea that skiers needed an intro to the fundamentals of backcountry skiing before diving in. As such, they figured out a middle ground and thousands have flocked to learn from the guides at Bluebird. They have since expanded their program and the training grounds.

Tune in to hear more about this fantastic program and Erik’s experiences as a mountain sport enthusiast.


[03:15] Starting from scratch with a new reservation system to help keep numbers small.

[05:45] Finding a middle ground between resort and backcountry skiing.

[10:45] Figuring out how to make the program sustainable.

[13:24] What makes Bluebird different from another mountain’s Backcountry 101.

[14:15] Why people just beginning their backcountry journey are often not ready for Avalanche One.

[21:10] The feedback from Aerie-certified instructors.

[23:05] Formalizing the way people learn and grow.

[24:35] Growing up as a skier in Upstate New York.

[27:00] Who the Bluebird Backcountry clients are and why the demographics surprised Erik.

[33:00] The different skills required for backcountry skiing.

[34:26] Erik’s solid piece of backcountry advice.


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