Trustworthy AI with Beena Ammanath

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In the first episode of Season 4, Steve has a conversation with Beena Ammanath about her new book Trustworthy AI, ways that AI can be exploited, and considerations for chief security officers, data protection officers, security professionals, and others.

We will also spend time looking at implications for ethics, trust, and privacy when working with AI, and how businesses can make sure AI is more inclusive and works for everyone.

In this episode, Beena shares insights from a 6 dimension framework she put together to help us better understand and leverage AI in our work and lives.

Beena is Executive Director of the Global Deloitte AI Institute and leads Trustworthy AI & Ethical Tech at Deloitte. She is the Founder & CEO of Humans For AI, a nonprofit organization focused on increasing diversity in AI. And in addition to being a self-proclaimed foodie, Beena is the author of the new Trustworthy AI which helps businesses navigate trust and ethics in AI.

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