Episode 13 - Stoke

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The boys are back on a cold rainy night - How appropriate next up its Stoke! - This week we discuss; 1. Stokes style and reputation - its the classic tough away day 2. Last meetings - a rare home defeat and a dramatic roller-coaster ride at the Britannia 3. A couple of freak results for the team lower in the table - we debate how these can happen in football 4. Home advantage counts in these games but what is home advantage and has it disappearing in the modern game. 5. Stoke at home on our much-anticipated return to the Premier League - Who would you dream opening day opponents be? 6. and finally talking of opening days Norwich thrash Stoke 5.1 in Aug 1980 but still went down that year - Al & Val look at City's opening day record in relegation seasons

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