Episode 14 - Coventry City

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Swiftly after that brilliant backs-to-the-wall victory at Stoke, the table-topping Canaries move onto Coventry and when it comes to the Sky Blues there is plenty to reminisce; 1) A club that has suffered lately - How would Norwich cope if homeless? 2) 2011, a promotion party - Oh Sammy Clingan it could have been you! 3) A club record win and a title shoot-out both back in the 1930s 4) 19 consecutive defeats at the old Highfield Road including one in Englands first all-seater stadium 5) A couple of Coventry legends who helped the club to final day survival but ended their careers as Norwich Hall of Famers 6) Coventry's club-record signing - £6.5m for a Norwich academy product

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