Growing A Multiple 7 Figure Single Location Chiropractic Practice In Under 4 Years With Dr. Ryan Carlson

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On This episode, Dr. Ryan Carlson DC, the owner of Deep Roots Chiropractic In Bentonville, Arkansas, explains how he fell in love with chiropractic and has grown his single-location practice to nearly 2 million dollars per year and now travels across the world to teach other chiropractors how to improve thier operations and results within thier practices.
While Talking to Dr. Ryan, we uncovered :

  • The work ethic of a farmer & how a competitive nature can help you win
  • The shocking truth of why Dr. Ryan changed his career path
  • How chiropractic schools fall short when it comes to business practices & what to do about it
  • The value of investing in yourself and your education
  • The shortcut to success that having mentors offers & how to find them
  • The right mindset and how to have humility when working with a mentor
  • The math of two possible career paths and why making less when you start is more preferable
  • The Breadcumbs strategy that has helped Dr. Ryan become so successful
  • Knowing your why, and how to maintain focus on your goals
  • The value of focusing on the customers first
  • Why Sushi isn't for everyone, but the value in principle behind it.
  • The value in being specific with your words
  • Something Dr. Ryan and Sam Walton share in common.
  • Why you should get comfortable with saying NO
  • Key Metrics and KPIs and the ones Dr. Ryan tracks you probably have never considered
  • Goal-setting principles that put you on track for success on autopilot
  • Hard Easy vs. Easy Hard
  • The mindset and plan Dr. Ryan has for growing into multiple 7 figure practices

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