CPR Friendly- SAVE A LIFE -Don Mackee and Ian ”Hutch” Hutchinson

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No this is not hyperbole but listening to this episode can definitely save either your life or someone you know.

Do you have 15 seconds to refresh your knowledge of CPR then check out this weeks guests website. Yes I am putting the link at the top because it is that important.


Our guests this week are Ian Hutchinson (‘Hutch’) and Don Mackee. Hear their story about how, Ian who as a fit and healthy 50 something was clinically dead for 19 minutes and was saved by his friend Don while on their morning bike ride.

In September 2018, while bike riding with his mate Don MacKee, he had a sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac Arrest is an electrical issue and can usually go undetected until the electrical impulse to the heart doesn't charge. Thanks to some quick thinking by Don and some good samaritan CPR bystanders, help was called, CPR commenced and Hutch became one of the lucky 9% to survive an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest.

We will have some fun during this episode but in no way do I want to make it seem like this is not an important subject. GET IN THE KNOW!

CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE -//www.cprfriendly.org it can save a life.

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