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Take a look at your set of offers. Do you get excited by them? Do you feel passionate and motivated when you see them? Or are they draining you more than not? As entrepreneurs, the thought of saying “no” can be scary. But sometimes, these nos can be just as—or even more—important than the yeses. After all, more than the money, being an entrepreneur is about freedom and being in alignment with yourself.

In this episode of The Pollen Podcast, Diana talks about detoxing your business and product suite. More than anything, it's critical to align your offers with things that resonate with you—things that make you excited and motivated. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for burnout and loss of passion. So, pivot from offers that don't feel good anymore and start realigning with your dreams and desires. ✨

Listen to this episode to learn why you should detox your product suite!

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🔥Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Find out how fine tuning your product suite can boost sales.
  2. Understand why you should celebrate saying “no.”
  3. How detoxing your product suite helps improve your health and your business.


🎧Episode Highlights

[01:21] Diana’s Nomadic Journey in Rome

  • Diana is currently loving her stay in Rome.
  • She’s found that people either hate or love Rome and Florence.
  • Diana has worked through a roller coaster of emotions during her trip.

[02:34] The Diana Davis Creative Retreat

  • The first Diana Davis Creative retreat is from August 29 to September 1 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
  • Tiffany Swan will be the retreat’s professional chef and food scientist.
  • Annie and Elisa will be doing brand photoshoots for each retreat goer.
  • Kate and Katie will be leading yoga and mediation.
  • 🎁 BONUS: Get a one-on-one coaching session with Diana after the retreat!

[04:24] What is a Product Suite?

  • A product suite is the different products and services you offer.
  • If you picture your business offerings like a candy shelf, you’ll have luxurious and gumdrop-like ones.
  • What’s beautiful about a product suite is you have different places for people of all walks of life to tap in.
  • Diana’s basic product suite is Instagram and the podcast. Camp Clarity, Ascend Mastermind, and her one-on-one coaching are even higher ticket offers.

[06:37] Diana Davis: Remember: you don't have to buy the chocolate bar with the gold leaves in it. You can buy the gumdrop. So that's what a product suite is for—so that different people at different levels, income, [and] commitment can tap into what you're offering, and there is something there for them from you.”

  • Know what you have the capacity for in a month with your time and energy.

[08:02] Detoxing Your Product Suite

  • Do you feel joy and excitement around your product suite, or is it draining you?
  • Diana detoxed her suite by stepping away from one-on-one coaching; she finds so much value in working with groups with incorporated one-on-one coaching.

[09:13] Diana Davis: “A bunch of creatives in a room together, we can really knock some stuff out and get some really cool brainstorms going.”

  • You might be passing on things you want to explore for offerings that are not proving lucrative or energetically aligned.

[09:51] Celebrating Saying “No”

  • It's crucial to celebrate saying "no" almost as much as saying "yes."
  • Saying “yes” to everything out of desperate energy is when you get off track and start attracting work that’s not for you.
  • You didn’t leave your corporate job just to take things on that you don’t love.
  • There are ways of evaluating the problem of being unable to pay bills. Perhaps it has something to do with focusing on an unaligned product suite.

[10:53] Reevaluating Your Product Suite

  • Write everything down in your product suite. Is it diverse?
  • Free and accessible content on Instagram, email, newsletter, and podcast should be the lowest level of your product suite.
  • List everything in your product suite from the free stuff to your highest ticket item.
  • How much money do you want to make a year? Think of it as an income “desire” rather than a “goal.”
  • How often do you need to launch your product suite to achieve your income desire? Are the prices high enough?

[12:17] Detox to Freedom

  • Tune in to the full episode to hear about Diana's masculine and feminine energy analogy!
  • The masculine structure is your business plan for the year. It can evolve, change, and pivot.
  • After writing everything down, see what feels aligned and what doesn’t feel good anymore.
  • Allow yourself to pivot away from things that don't feel good. It makes more room for your aligned ideas, dream clients, and dream projects.

[13:51] Diana Davis: “Being an entrepreneur is not about just money—it’s about freedom. We didn't quit our corporate jobs to just be part of another grind.”

  • You don’t always have to scrap the product. You can tweak it to feel more aligned and feel good again.

Enjoyed this Podcast on Detoxing Your Product Suite?

There will be a time when some of your offers don't feel exciting anymore. It can be scary to say "no" to them, especially when they're making money. But more than anything, business is about freedom. So don't be afraid to detox your business and pivot from things that don't feel good anymore. You'll find that it will lead you back to alignment with yourself and your dreams. ✨

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