Apocalypse Now/ Valkyrie Sahti

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Apocalypse Now is a long movie... so we recorded a long episode about it!
Tyler & Andrew do a deep dive into this monumental motion picture, that to be perfectly bloody honest, should never have made it out of the raw footage. Listen as the guys try to break down 60/70s international politics, realize they don't know enough, and then tell you how to make a Sahti, a Scandinavian strong ale.
Valkyrie Sahti - 5 gallons
(90 minute mash, 90 minute boil)
14 lb Pilsner Malt
3lb Rye Malt
**Mash with 1oz of crushed Juniper Berries
1oz Hallertau (90 min)
Horndival Kviek Yeast
** Do a double batch sparge. Sparge 1st round with sparge water for ten minutes, then sparge again with all the wort
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