PDF Webinar: How Growth Mindset Helps You Succeed in Any Role with Ali Daher

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A medical researcher, an engineer, an entreprenuer, a pilot, a chief information officer and a security consultant walks into a bar, and the bartender says "Great to see you Ali!"

Ali is one of those people who seems to be able to do it all, from conducting clinical trials to founding his own IT business. Ali is able to learn new skills and constantly reinventing and excelling at almost everything he sets his mind to.

Ali has thrived in nimble start-ups and huge multi-national organisations alike, working across Australia to the Middle-East, succeeding in multiple industries from medical research, oil facilities to cyber security.

In this session, Ali shared his extraordinary career journey, how his growth mindset allowed him to be successful in everything that he set his mind to, and how to back yourself and seize those opportunities that comes your way.

About Ali Daher:
Ali Daher leads Security for IBM in ANZ. Ali is a highly versatile ICT professional and has over 22 years experience across multiple industries with extensive international experience and a proven track record in management, consulting, operations, building high performing teams, business leadership, project management and technical delivery. Ali has held key regional and global roles with major-multinational companies including Cisco Systems. Prior to joining IBM, Ali was the APJ digital transformation/IoT services lead for Cisco and also headed up the Data Centre and Cloud Services business for Cisco in the middle east. Other roles Ali has held include CIO, CISO and, Head of ICT & Security for SSH International.

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