PHEC 254: A Family Unites to Triumph Over COVID: A Case Study

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The global pandemic has caused many families to live in a state of constant panic and fear. But, with the right tools, you and your family can turn a highly stressful situation into something much more manageable.

On this episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Podcast, Dr. Huntley shares a personal story that holds valuable lessons which we all can learn from. She opens up about her family’s journey after her 89 year old mother tested positive for COVID. As a starting point, our host takes us through her various definitions of ‘family’. We then get keen insight into what her family dynamic is like and how one meeting of multiple siblings paved the way for a triumph over COVID!

You’ll learn the importance of having good communication between family members, how to choose leadership over fear, the benefits of having a caring medical team, and why stepping out of your comfort zone is a necessity in a time of crisis. If you want to know why empathy, clarity, and respect are three words that can carry you and your family through the global pandemic, then be sure to tune into this episode!

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