PHEC 255: Mid-Year Review, Goal Evaluation, and Summer Fun

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As the first half and second quarter of the year come to an end, it is important to look back and acknowledge our triumphs and downfalls. In this new episode of the PHEC podcast, we will chat about how to reflect on your personal and business goals. We learn how to separate these goals and acknowledge that they need to be different; you are not your business.

Dr. Huntley gives us strategies to see if we are on track with these, and if we are not, how to get back on the right path. We touch on a framework for assessing your business goals, which includes marketing and leads, offers and sales, and systems and productivity.

We also look at how to achieve our personal goals, from changing our mindsets and practicing personal development, to ensuring we incorporate fun into our life. Plus, Dr. Huntley gives us a look at how, by changing her team structures and location, she is ensuring optimal productivity in her own business.

We hope you can join us!

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