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Carolyn Val-Schmidt

We talk all the time. to our friends, our partners, or for business reasons.

No matter what the circumstances when we speak we want to interesting and

memorable. Especially if we are doing a presentation to a client. Not only do we want to deliver great content we want to be memorable in how we present it.

My guest Carolyn Val-Schmidt has an amazing background in ”voice” and will give us insights into how to bring our speaking voice alive!


After receiving her Master’s of Music Degree from the University of Illinois, the soprano attended the Juilliard School and went on to win national and international vocal competitions.

Carolyn has appeared at the Metropolitan Opera and has performed within the four Corners of the U.S. including Carnegie Hall, in national tours in musical theater, creative recitals, and cabaret where she has included her gift as a compelling Raconteuse, or gifted storyteller

She administered the voice department of the Brooklyn Conservatory of music, as well as was a faculty member and/or guest presenter of master classes in interpretation in universities across the nation.

Currently, Carolyn joyfully coaches speakers how to grow from merely saying words in black and white to speaking in technicolor!

“Carolyn Val-Schmidt’s Master Class is a thrilling experience. Her expressive language brings out the best. Watching this amazing teacher and the life-changing impact she has on her students is cathartic”.

Carolyn's Contact:

email: valvoice08@yahoo.com

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