Episode 39: Slay Bells Ring

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Welcome back to Realspace Raiders, the Drukhari podcast! We are an alliance of Archons all hailing from the UK and cover everything from matched play and the competitive meta, painting and hobby discussions, background and lore and much, much more!
Slay bells ring! That can only mean the return of Realspace Raiders for a Christmas special as we recount our slave raids from across the year!
2022 has been another fine year for Drukhari and the Archons, join us for a recap of the year for the Dark Eldar as we discuss the releases that affected us most.
It's been another trophy laden year for Paulie, Dom and George, take a look at their biggest accomplishments of the year.
Hobby focus, we look back at our best painting tips we learned this year and share further tips and tricks, we take another look at the Finecast range rotation and discuss ideas of how to make your own Court, Mandrakes and Grotesques.
Drukhari state of play, or how do we get Dom to play Dark Eldar again? Do we have the worst shooting in the game? Are we top, mid or bottom tier? We look at Drukhari in the current meta and what balances we would like to see to make the dark kin more competitive.
Which Wych is best? Codex Supplement: Cult of Strife is retired, we celebrate the excellent supplement, what it brought to the Drukhari and which Wych Cult will now reign supreme.
10th edition and the future. We end the episode with a list of our wishes for the future of 40k, what we would like to see change or return from previous editions as well as a sneak peek at our plans for 2023.
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