Episode 40: Archons of Omen

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Welcome back to Realspace Raiders, the Drukhari podcast! We are an alliance of Archons all hailing from the UK and cover everything from matched play and the competitive meta, painting and hobby discussions, background and lore and much, much more!
Get your Hypex ready as we get hyped to discuss the reveal of the new Drukhari unit for Kill Team - Hand of the Archon! Join Paulie and George as we do a deep dive into just who this unit could be, the great options this unit brings and the implications it has for raiding forces going forward.
We discuss the other reveals from LVO with an iS tHiS aN aRcHoN focus and celebrate the end of the ITC season.
As the curtain falls on Nephilim we discuss Arks of Omen and how the changes impact you the Drukhari player and how you can use these to your advantage. Are Wyches back? Why is every Archon toting a Blast Pistol? Will the Tantalus finally see the tabletop? All this and more.
Rounding out the episode is a celebration of the coolest Drukhari unit, the Court of the Archon as we dive into their various iterations throughout the years and where we would like to see GW take this unit.
Please let us know any feedback!
Happy Raiding!
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