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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic are still powering through the heavily food-oriented month of May. Since this is the month for hamburgers, barbecue, salad, eggs, salsa, asparagus, and strawberries, we have a lot of tastes to enjoy all-throughout. Sometimes, we fill our plate so much that we can't finish everything. It is then only natural to save the food for the next day and even bring it to work, also known as "brown-bagging it." Although the name is apt for the brown paper bags that were commonly used in the past, these brown paper bags seem to have vanished from most establishments. No matter what you pack for lunch, it is always nice to unwind afterwards, perhaps with a glass of whisky.

Join us in our discussion! Have you been feasting on any of the particular foods that are celebrated this month more-so than usual? Do you like seafood and if so, what is your favorite? Do you notice any changes to your liquid waste after having eaten a lot of asparagus? How often do you "brown-bag it" for lunch when you go to work? Let us know!

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