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We are midway through May and still hungry enough to eat everything we can grab. Red-Eye finally managed to secure a burger during national burger month, Erratic has an existential crisis on what a pie really is, and throughout all of this we cannot leave out the important role alcohol plays in our lavish lives. Mimosas are commonly paired with brunch, but is carbonated orange happy juice really the best? And of course we cannot forget one of the best days coming, National No Dirty Dishes Day!

Join us in our discussion! What delicious burgers and barbecue have you indulged in this month? Have you ever had a cobbler compared to a pie? Are pies actually sandwiches? Are Oreos sandwiches? Do you consider a hotdog a sandwich? Or perhaps a pizza is also a pie? Have you ever had savory crepes? And we'd definitely love to hear more about any adventures you have had during a Sunday brunch. Let us know everything!

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