Interview with Rick Holmes on the Murder of Eurie Stamps and Beating of Mark Tinsley by the Framingham Police

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Before Briana Taylor and George Floyd there was Eurie Stamps. Eurie was a devoted father and grandfather who was laying on his couch on January 5th 2011 12:30 AM watching a Celtics game when the Framingham Police threw a flash bang into his home, smashed in his door and ordered him to the ground. Eurie did as he was ordered and yet he was still shot in the back of the head by a member of the town's paramilitary SWAT Team. This team was disbanded after this incident but that didn't bring back Mr. Stamps or console his grieving family.

In this episode we review this case with former Middlesex Daily News Editorial Page Editor Rick Holmes. Mr. Holmes not only discusses this case in detail but also tells the story of Mark Tinsley. Mr. Tinsley committed the heinous crime of driving 40 in a 25 MPH speed zone. For this act he was dragged out of his car and savagely beaten by the Framingham Police who pulled him over. These cases are truly horrifying yet somehow not surprising in the nation's most liberal police state.

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