Settlement from an Injured Person's Perspective

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What would you do if a workplace injury left you with the difficult decision between either amputating both your hands and feet, or death? In this episode we hear a firsthand account of a nurse, Karen, who contracted a bacterial infection at work. At the end of her ordeal she was left as a quad amputee.
During this incredible interview, Karen tells us about her injuries, but she also shares with us how her settlement consultant, Mike Zea, was a crucial ally in helping to negotiate her settlement and her financial future.
Karen's story is both a cautionary tale and an inspiration as it relates to self-advocacy and trust. Mike Zea joins the interview to add details of the settlement process and their incredible relationship.
If you find yourself inspired by Karen's story and would like to share it, Karen is available for speaking engagements. You can contact Karen via Facebook at Caring for Karen or email her directly at
To learn more about the services that Mike Zea and all of the Ringler Settlement Consultants offer, visit us online at

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