SPS 113: How To Find A Ghostwriter That Writes A Great Book Without Wasting Time & Money Doing It The Wrong Way with Carol Tice

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Ever thought about hiring a ghostwriter to help write your book? I get asked this question all the time and I generally warn people against hiring a ghostwriter (unless they really know what they're doing)...but sometimes it makes sense. Today I'm joined by Carol Tice, an experienced ghostwriter to answer all of your questions about hiring a ghostwriter...including: -how to know if you should hire a ghostwriter -how much does a good ghostwriter cost? -how long does it take / what does the process look like working with a ghostwriter? -how do you find a writer that actually writes in your voice? -and sooo many other mistakes to avoid when it comes to hiring a ghostwriter If you're thinking about hiring a ghostwriter for your book, don't miss this episode!

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