Building sales at a product-led company with Thinkific's Adam Jones

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In this episode of SaaS Open Mic, I talk to Adam Jones (@AdamJones85), Vice President of Sales for Thinkific, a product-led company that helps businesses create, market, and sell customized online courses.

What’s especially interesting for our listeners is that Thinkific’s sales organization and strategy was layered on 6 years into building the business. And just 5 years later, that same sales organization helped them take the company public. Adam discusses his experience with the IPO.

Listen in to hear how Adam’s sales leadership compliments a product-led business model. You’ll hear:

  • The company’s decision process to build a sales team (but avoid selling to enterprise)
  • His approach to structuring product-led sales teams
  • How his role has changed since the IPO
  • What he would have done differently
  • Thinkific’s guiding sales principles

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