Seeing The Other Side

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When you grow up hearing voices and seeing people that others cannot, it can lead to many questions. Questions about one’s own sanity. Questions about one’s relationship to the rest of the world. As well as questions about life and death. Where do we go when we die, and who are these people that are seemingly no longer living, yet very much still full of energy. Today we hear about this life through the eyes of Mary J Willemsen.
PART 2 - AVAILABLE TO GRAVE KEEPERS ONLY - LISTEN HERE In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

  • What would doctors tell you when you visited them and explained what you were feeling and were given medication.
  • When a spirit makes you feel their pain, what is their goal?
  • When dealing with a spirit who is suffering, how can Mary help them?
  • If a spirit doesn’t want to move on, is it the job of the living to make them?
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