Targeted By Spirits | A Conversation With Brian Dietz

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It started as an innocent business trip to one of the most haunted cities in the world, New Orleans. Shortly after checking into his room Brian Dietz began feeling “watched.” After searching his room, Brian soon found himself the recipient of a life-changing paranormal experience that would put him on a path searching for answers. What answers has he found on this journey as he realized that as much as he may be searching for spirits, spirits may be targeting him?

  • What does Brian believe happens to him when he experiences sleep paralysis?
  • When Brian says, “When ghosts target you, pay attention,” what does he mean?
  • Brian is involved in the evolving world of spirit communication technology; how is communication improving, and where does he see it going in the future?
  • Does spirit communication technology work the same, regardless of who’s hands they are in?
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