Being A Vegan In Hanoi - Interview with Veronika Vas

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Having a different diet is a challenge for many expats when moving abroad. Vietnam is so popular with many traditional dishes like Phở or Banh My, however, it is none of the interest for vegan expats. I found today's guest's youtube channel talking about Vietnamese food and how she does as a vegan. Holla, she has even some videos on this topic, she seems to enjoy her eating in Vietnam so much and have so less difficulty that is why I have to get on on my podcast to share it! Veronika Vas is a vegan from Hungary, she has lived in Hanoi for almost a year. She teaches English and science for kids in Hanoi. Beside she is making 2 youtube channels one she talks about her traveling in English and one she shares her veganism life with Hungarian speaking fellows.

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