How Changing Your Diet Can Change Your Health with Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

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In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio who wrote about our own food/allergy journeys to help others.

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Highlights from today's episode include:

Anthony Lo Cascio 07:47

When people accept what's around them and don't and...listen, if you find yourself in a hole, you can either try to climb out of it, or you could get buried in it, right? And I see a lot of people when they think that they're in a hole, that they just get buried in it, and then they can't help themselves. And then they, they don't thrive.

Staci Lo Cascio 17:55

Don't try five things that are new at the same time. That's too much, you know, just try one thing at a time. Like if you're not used to having peppers in something. And now you're like, ooh, let me try that. Cool. Try something with peppers. Just make that one dish or that one, whatever. And then, and then you can start to add them to your list of good things.

Anthony Lo Cascio 22:29

I'm not internally bleeding anymore. You know, less joint pain. Yeah, it's quite a few benefits. And I don't have the side effects that regular medication has. I'm not going into a coma because I'm eating better. I'm not going to suddenly have a blood clot because I've changed my food for the better. I'm not going to suddenly have anal leakage because I've changed to some frickin crazy oil. These are real side effects of things that we take. Like crazy.


World-renowned professional entertainers, Anthony Lo Cascio, Tap Dogs; and Staci Lo Cascio; Sesame Street Live! understand the importance of the body’s well-being. When health challenges once put their careers in jeopardy, they sought answers and eventually found food was their prescription. After finding themselves giving the same advice in multiple instances, they decided to compile the information into the best-selling handbook, “Food As A Prescription: A Handbook for Those Currently On or Prescribed a Gluten-free, Soy-free, Corn-free, and/or Dairy-free Diet”.

Core purpose/passion: Our mission is: To guide those suffering from food and environmental sensitivities, and their caregivers, with practical advice so they, too can find healing and community through a healthier lifestyle.

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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books: 'What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship' and 'A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress'. I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience".

Mission: A Healer in Every Household!

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* De-Registered, revoked & retired naturopathic physician after 30 years of practice in healthcare. Now resourceful & resolved to share with you all the tools to take care of your health & vitality!

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