The Hansel and Gretel Code Episode 012

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In this episode we go grocery shopping, find an original Roman recipe for soul food, and crash a medieval Super Bowl party to catch the play of the millennium on instant replay...

[04:48] Part 1 - in which we say grace and get lost looking for the frozen pizzas

[09:58] Part 2 - in which we reach the checkout counter and find that some demon is demanding our whole paycheck... it rains like a... and um, we do get really potty-mouthed

[17:29] Part 3 - in which we turn on Wide World of Sports and watch a 3 day medieval Super Bowl played in the snow

[28:56] Part 4 - in which we run into the earliest soup nazi, and find out that Shark Week is coming early this year

*transcripts and links for episode 12 are available at:

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*Chapter Titles read by Anna Jacobsen*

* Librivox recording of the baptized version of the tale read by Bob Neufeld*

*Music and Sound credits for this episode are SUPER-extensive and can be found on the website @

with special thanks to for nearly all of kristo's awesome peanut gallery voices...

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