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Welcome to episode 26. Today I am exploring the benefits of Laughter Yoga!

Tuning in to the many benefits on offer, I gave Laughter Yoga a go under the expert instruction of Sara Kay, yoga teacher at Serious Laughter. In this episode I share my experience of taking part in an online session and explore how the benefits of simulated and natural laughter, coupled with focused, deep yogic breathing can help to release tension, reduce stress and change your perspective.

In this episode:

  • How laughter is a great way to complete your stress cycles and release pent up tension.
  • Why picking certain tools to match your anxiety levels or personality is a good thing to keep in mind when trying something new.
  • How creating time to experience joy can bring cumulative mental health improvements.

If you’d like to learn more or give it a go yourself, please take a look at Sarah’s e-books here.

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