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Welcome to episode 25 and my first episode in this new series where I focus on the different tools available to us as part of our ‘tool kit’ for living a happier life.

Today I’m talking about meditation. I hear many people say they are ‘too busy’ or ‘too hectic’ to sit and meditate for ten minutes – and as a fast-paced person myself I can totally relate! But that admission alone can be the biggest indicator that meditation might be just the thing we need.

Today I share my own experience of revisiting meditation for the purpose of this episode; the benefits it brought me when I committed to it for a certain period of time and the awareness and perspective I was able to apply to my daily life as a result.

In this episode:

  • A reminder that your meditation practice doesn’t have to be perfect to be beneficial
  • How using meditation as a circuit breaker can be a great way to regain control when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • The different ways you can fit meditation into your busy life and the apps that are available to help you.

Some useful resources from today’s episode:

Meditation playlist on YouTube

Kate Brown's meditation page

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