Improv For Trial with Brian Breiter & Joseph Limbaugh

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#46: In this episode of Settlement Nation we sit down with trial lawyer Brian Breiter and actor Joseph Limbaugh from Improv for Trial - the preeminent academy for teaching improvisational theatre techniques to trial lawyers, helping you to become skilled at adapting to unexpected or unplanned situations in the courtroom. Brian was nominated for trial lawyer of the year for 2020 & 2019 by CAALA and has over 100M in verdicts and settlements, as well as performing in over 1000 improv shows. Joseph has over 30 years of professional improv, theatre and TV experience and currently teaches professionally at The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. In this episode you will learn why improv techniques can greatly improve every aspect of your trial. They discuss how to develop a greater awareness of non-verbal communication, body language and tone to facilitate a deeper connection and understanding of people, overcoming stage fright, presenting the facts and your client's story in a compelling way and how to effectively think on your feet in the courtroom. A not to be missed episode!

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