Jonas Deichmann World-Class Endurance Athlete On His Run From Tijuana To La Paz During His Round-The-World Triathlon

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Jonas Deichmann is a world-class endurance athlete. He is currently running a Munich to Munich Triathlon that is 120 times the distance of an Ironman Triathlon.

We caught up with him as he had just finished the Baja portion of his adventure. He had run from Tijuana to La Paz, averaging a marathon each day. With the Baja leg of his circumnavigation of the globe complete, we spent a few minutes discussing his adventure and his thoughts on Baja.

"Baja is just amazing! I've been in more than 100 counties now; this is one of the best places I've ever been. The landscape of the desert and the beaches between Mulege and Loreto are spectacular! But the best is the people. The hospitality and the happiness of the people -I've never seen that before. Everyone is just so happy!"

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