#23: Advice on Education, Parenting, and Entrepreneurship with Naveen Jain

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How do you raise your kids with a drive to change the world? Today, Stephynie sits down with Naveen Jain to talk about parenting, how to always strive for more, and what it takes to be truly successful.

Naveen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, founding seven very successful companies like Moon Express and Viome.

In addition to all of his professional achievements, Naveen is also a very proud father of three incredibly beautiful and successful children. All three are highly driven to impact change in the world and are active entrepreneurs.

So how did he do it? Listen in to find out!

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2:58 - Naveen’s Childhood

13:41 - How Naveen Talks to His Family About Failure

16:55 - Do Naveen’s Kids Play Video Games?

18:05 - How Did Naveen’s Children Fail When They Were Younger?

23:03 - Teaching Children To Respect Money

31:30 - Naveen’s Daughter Opening Up Schools in Afghanistan

34:10 - The Toughest Lesson Learned in Parenting

34:56 - How Many Companies Has Naveen Created From the Ground Up?

46:18 - The Reason Naveen Gets Out of Bed in the Morning

47:41 - Naveen’s Biggest Obstacle He Has Turned Into an Opportunity

Mentioned in the Episode:

Naveen’s Website: https://www.naveenjain.com/about/

Naveen’s LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/naveenjainintelius

Naveen’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naveenjainceo

Naveen’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/NaveenJain1

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