Chasing Your Dreams with Dan Purcell

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In today’s episode of the Sports Business Classroom Audio Experience, we sat down with Dan Purcell, former Front Office Executive for he New Orleans Pelicans. Purcell’s basketball journey began when he was recruited to Lake Erie College to play Division III basketball. Lake Erie College finished 21-7 that season, earning the program’s first bid to the NCAA Division III Tournament after winning the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference regular-season and tournament titles. After graduating, Purcell landed a job with The National Basketball Academy (TNBA).In this episode we discuss:Dan’s college basketball careerHis transition from being a player to working in the industryDan’s current goal and how he stays motivatedWhat he has learned from his journey thus farAs an Operations Assistant in the TNBA, Purcell helped in all facets of a wide-ranging operation that includes advanced teaching, summer camps and running youth basketball clinics for the Cavs and other NBA franchises. In 2009, when the Academy began a business relationship with the then-New Orleans Hornets, Kline-Ruminski picked Purcell to run the operation in Louisiana. Four years later, he was hired as the team’s Basketball Operations Assistant and was then promoted to Basketball Operations Manager.Connect with Beau Estes: Twitter Connect with Dan Purcell: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

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