Ep. 11: Heretic ≠ Redeemer

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It's high noon and it's dark. The world changes now. Our heroes come face to face with a dying god after a man called Dusk brings Hector to his knees. Vagas takes to the sky, J'yn hears from a new friend, Ricky atones for his mistake. Just a few days ago, these four were strangers. Now, the fate of the future is in their hands.

Editing this week by Ryan Normile and Lucas Cardwell.

Music this week by Ryan Normile.

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Stories Unroll’d is:

Ryan Normile (Dungeon Master)

Kalli Brassard (J’ynzelea)

John Montiquila (Hector Ross)

Lucas Cardwell (Ricky Dawn)

Klaus Cunningflower (Vagas Ornada)

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