COVID-19’s Impact on JHU Off-Campus Housing – with Kristen Franklin

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Serving university students who live off-campus puts Kristen Franklin in a unique position. Yes, she works closely with the highly regarded research institution her residents attend. But her team also has the freedom to individualize their services and work independently. So, what are the pros and cons of this arrangement when a global pandemic closes the campus and takes classes virtual?

Kristen is COCM’s Director of Operations at Nine East 33rd, a high-end apartment complex that houses students from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to her work with Capstone, Kristen served as Associated Director of Housing at The George Washington University and Community Director at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She has 10-plus years of experience in higher education and student affairs, and Kristen holds a Master’s in Educational Policy & Leadership from Marquette University.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Kristen joins guest host Alton Irwin to explain how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her residents at Nine East 33rd. She describes the property’s unique position as off-campus housing for Johns Hopkins students and discusses the university’s thoughtful response to the crisis and role as a trusted resource for up-to-date information. Listen in to understand how Kristen’s day-to-day looks different working from home (with two kids!) and learn what her team is doing to maintain contact both with residents who are staying at Nine East 33rd and those who are sheltering elsewhere.

Topics Covered

Kristen’s background in student housing + current role as Director of Operations at COCM

The unique position of Nine East 33rd as off-campus student housing

Johns Hopkins’ thoughtful response to the Coronavirus pandemic

How Johns Hopkins is supporting Maryland’s response to COVID-19

What Kristen’s team is doing to ensure the health and safety of residents at Nine East 33rd

The gift baskets and door hangers Kristen is using to maintain regular contact with residents

How the Nine East 33rd staff is communicating with residents who are sheltering elsewhere

How Kristen’s day looks different working from home with two children

Kristen’s message for Nine East 33rd residents and campus partners at Johns Hopkins

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