Roe v. Wade & the Supreme Court, there is more there.

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Being in insurance we follow the laws. Being in Health Insurance for the last decade it is unavoidable to not have to talk about the change of laws in the United States. We are big on providing people with as much access to healthcare and medical information as possible. We do this by inviting Planned Parenthood and other organizations that are information forward and inclusive. If you want to look at the direction one group is taking American then look at closely at Rick Scott's 12 Point Plan to Rescue America, The Texas Republican Platform and the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization and hopefully more Americans will realize what is at stake. Everyone should be worried about the Justices that are fine with handing out political instead of just legal decisions. Yes, Roe v Wade was overturned along with nearly 50 years of law. 22 states have already had in place restrictions and bans further dividing the nation. Hopefully, this is the opportunity that the majority of Americans will stand up and be heard because your Rights and America is at stake.

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