S1E16: Royal Bonding Time - with Halie Thibodeau

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After a stressful day of sneaking around and gathering intel, the party is faced with uncertainty. Hopefully a certain royal princess by the name of Siaphora Miandis, played by Halie Thibodeau, can help Marge’s Favourites find clarity and unity before their next trial - unless a creepy doll gives them any trouble. Cameo by Kelly Wright as Timber Cottonwood.
Dungeon Master: Charlene Bayer
Executive Producers: Charlene Bayer & Emily Matchette
Cast & Producers: Charlene Bayer, Amanda Lourenço, Emily Matchette, Sara Mayfield, Rachel Theilade
Special Guest: Halie Thibodeau
Editor: Emily Matchette
Sound Engineer: Kelly Wright
Logo Design: Kelly Wright

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