Tailer Trash Fly Fishing - Episode 75 - Four More Years!

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Episode 75 marks the four year point in our journey to keep you informed of what’s happening in fly fishing from our unique perspective here in the double wide trailer. We’ve certainly had a good time getting here around the Old Oak Table and we hope you have too. The episode kicks off with a brief reprise of Larry’s trip back home to Tennessee to host the Huge Fly Fisherman at the homestead, chase smallies in Seusville and hang out at The Fly Box. If you haven’t watched the episode on Youtube, go check it out. Our discussions range from the current status of the manatee feeding that is being done in the IRL, to shoreline restoration efforts by researchers and the work that MDC does to support their studies. Jamieson and Larry share their experience volunteering to help make “oyster bags” with the Shuck & Share program at MDC. Marc brings us along for an exploratory trip on the St. Johns River. Everyone shares their opinions and thoughts on the excessive Land Crab habitat that continues to be an issue in our local waters. We announce the next season of the Tailer Park Casting Championships, stay tuned for more details soon!

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