S2E8: Navigating a Fragmented Regulatory Landscape

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On this week’s episode of the podcast, we’re looking at online regulation. We consider why regulation is so important, how the landscape has evolved, and focus on some of the specific challenges around regulating terrorist content online. We also touch on influential regulation that’s been recently adopted as well as regulation that’s currently being considered, including the UK’s Online Safety Bill.

Join Anne Craanen as she speaks to Luca Bertuzzi who is a tech journalist specialising in digital policy and European affairs. He is Digital and Media Editor at EURACTIV, where he oversees an international team based in Brussels, Berlin and Paris. We're also joined by Asha Allen from the Centre of Democracy and Technology, Europe Office; where she coordinates the organisation's advocacy engagement on the Digital Services Act and European Democracy Action Plan. Asha is a human rights advocate and policy specialist with an extensive background in leading advocacy to eradicate online gender-based violence.

Anne also gets insight from Jacob Berntsson who is the Head of Policy & Research at Tech Against Terrorism. He oversees the programmatic delivery and implementation of the organisation’s work. Jacob specialises in analysing tech policy and emerging global online regulation and has previous work experience in government intelligence and from the private sector.

To find out more about Tech Against Terrorism and our work, visit techagainstterrorism.org or follow us on Twitter @techvsterrorism, where you can find resources on this topic. To find out more about the online regulatory landscape, check out The Online Regulation Series Handbook.

You can follow Luca Bertuzzi on Twitter here and Asha Allen here.

You can find out more about the Centre of Democracy and Technology here.

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