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Memcached is an in memory cache with one major feature be a transient cache. Memcached has a very simple design. It was originally designed to help with database load by storing the query result in memory to avoid further querying the database. By default it has no authentication, a simple text protocols, servers don’t talk to each other. This video discuss the architecture of the cache, design choices and have some critics of the design choices. I go through a demo at the end using docker, telnet and nodes. Enjoy 0:00 Intro 4:40 What is Memcached? 7:45 Memory management 16:00 LRU 25:17 Threading and Connections 30:40 Read Example 34:30 Write Example 36:17 Write and Read collisions 39:40 Locking 40:30 Distributed Cache 43:30 Memcached with Docker/Telnet/NodeJS 45:00 Spin up a Memcached Docker container and telnet 52:17 Memcached and NodeJS 56:15 Four Memached Servers with NodeJS 01:01:00 Summary Resources Buy me a coffee

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