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In this episode of the backend engineering show I discuss the evolution of multi-threading apps, their pros and cons and then I go through 5 threading model and how they interleave with backend connection management between the threads and requests handlings. Enjoy To learn more about networking fundamentals check out my udemy course Fundamentals of Networking for Effective Backends Head to for a discount coupon 0:00 Intro 2:00 Single Threading 6:30 Multi-Threading 14:15 Connection Listener 20:15 How Connections are Established 29:00 Single Listener/Worker thread 33:30 Single Listener, Multiple Worker threads 39:00 Single Listener, Multiple Workers with load balancing 42:10 Multiple Listeners on the same port (SO_REUSEPORT) 45:20 Multiple Single Threaded Backend Buy me a coffee

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