How to Spot Nutrition Misinformation with Dr Tim Crowe : Part 1

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On this episode of The Daily Dollop I’m chatting to the very wise and knowledgeable Dr Tim Crowe, a career researcher and educator in the field of nutrition. We’re discussing nutrition misinformation and myths and how you can make the right food choice for you!

Dr Tim Crowe is a career research scientist and educator with most of this spent in the area of nutrition. He has a as BSc(Hons), MNutrDiet and PhD. He’s also a credentialed Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian with the Dietitians Australia.

I first met Tim in my post-graduate degree at Deakin Uni, he was teaching a subject called ‘Diet and Disease’ which was my favourite and he was just the best of all the lecturers. I’ve of gone on to follow his work online – not in a creepy stalker way but in a very professional, sensible way.

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