#16 Denver's Dirty Secret / A Yellowstone River Retrospective

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This week we travel back to the United States. In the first part of the episode, we visit a fishy hideout in the suburbs of Denver. It's there that we meet Peter Stitcher, the owner of Ascent Fly Fishing. He shows us his secret stash and reveals a few fishy tips that should help us all catch a few more trouts. We then take Peter's ideas and head into the mountains to try them out. (This story was originally produced in November 2016 for a project that later grew into The DrakeCast). You can find out more information about Peter's operation and Ascent Fly Fishing at www.ascentflyfishing.com The second half of the episode is a look back at last year's massive die-off of whitefish on Montana's Yellowstone River. Bozeman Daily Chronicle reporter Michael Wright originally broke this story in August of 2016. He shares with us the development of the crisis, how it affected the local community, and how the experience has shaped Montana today. To read a written version of this story, visit The Drake's website: http://www.drakemag.com/featured-content/daily-drake/1856-yellowstone-river-montana-fish-kill-revisited.html For more information on this episode, visit The Drake's website:

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