#15 EuroTrip Ch. 3 - Iceland

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Sorry for the delay folks, but The DrakeCast is back! In this episode we continue our EuroTrip to yet another island with great fishing - Iceland. Once again, we'd be targeting Atlantic salmon, but we'd also spend some time chasing wild native browns and sea run arctic char. After my time in the Faroe Islands, I hopped on a ferry to Eastern Iceland. It was there that I met Kristjan Rafnsson, one of the owners of Fish Partner, a flyfishing outfitter that controls access to quite a few rivers across Iceland. During our time together, we found quite a few fish. But we also discussed the history of fishing and fishing management in Iceland. It's much different than what we found in Ireland, The Faroes, and almost the complete opposite of what we're used to in the US. Make sure to check out our sponsors, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and Scott Fly Rods and thank them for their continued support of both the Drake Magazine and The DrakeCast. Also, a huge thanks to Kristjan and Fish Partner for the hospitality.

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