#26 Heavy Metal Flyfishing Through the Ice

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A few weeks ago, I found myself in Duluth, Minnesota and the forecast was rather dicey. As you probably know, it’s pretty darn difficult to flyfish when it’s -20 degrees outside. But with the help of veteran guide Lucky Porter and photographer Hansi Johnson, we were able to make a day out on the frozen water with our eight weights and musky flies. In addition to our normal flyfishing gear, we also had several pitchforks, a couple saws, a propane tank, the worlds largest set of tongs, a fish whistle, and a little bit of optimism. This episode explores the hyper-localized world of dark house spear fishing in Northern Minnesota. Throughout this show, we learn the history of the sport, try our hand at stabbing a few fish, and figure out how to better target pike when the ice leaves in the springtime. As always, The DrakeCast is made possible thanks to generous support from Scott Fly Rods and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. For more information on this story and many others, check us out at www.drakemag.com

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