#27 Fish on the Brain + The DrakeCast: A Collaboration

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Last week, we had a chance to catch up with Tim Evans. He's a salesman that lives in Casper, Wyoming but you most likely to know him as the man behind the Fish on the Brain podcast. We got out with Tim to throw bobbers at wary trout on a Front Range tailwater. As soon as we realized the fish weren't interested in our flies we put our rods down and got to chatting. We discussed fishing, conservation, storytelling, and podcasting in general. We've spliced in some choice sound clips from both The DrakeCast and Fish on the Brain to give listeners some context as well as potentially expose our audiences to some of the other great flyfishing-related audio that's out there. Listeners will receive a behind the scenes look into the completely unorganized world of sticking microphones in the faces of anglers and what flyfishing means to all of the people we talk to. Many thanks to Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and Scott Fly Rods for their continued support of The DrakeCast. For more information about this episode, visit our website: www.drakemag.com

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