#29 The Bighorn Revisited

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This episode of The DrakeCast takes a deeper dive into the topic we covered in the last episode; #28 Big & Horny in Montana. Right after that story hit the interwebs, we received a call from someone who felt that their side of the argument hadn't been given proper intelligence. This person was Ken Grant who belongs to the Friends of Bighorn Lake, which is a group that is fighting for more regular water levels in the reservoir. Grant had quite a few problems not only with our story but with the Bighorn River Alliance video, "A River at Risk" that we continually referenced. Throughout the episode we hear Grant's grievances, but we also hear a rebuttal from Anne Marie Emery, the executive director of the Bighorn River Alliance. Many thanks to Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and Scott Fly Rods for their continued support.

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