Plant Spirit Medicine & The Lessons From Plants, with Scott Kloos

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“I’m so grateful to be living in times like this that demand so much of me.”

You know, we’ve spent a lot of time learning about plants. Have you ever stopped to wonder what we could learn from plants? Scott Kloos has. And the plants have taught him many lessons about such things as reciprocity, nurturing, and cultural evolution (just to name a few). Scott shares with us his deep passion for searching out ways to transition our current cultural relationship with plants (and all things, really) from a transactional way of being to a more relational way of being; a view in which we cease to view our landscape as a commodity and instead return ourselves as living participants within that landscape. Towards the end of the episode, Scott shares with us one of his plant songs (more of which can be found here). So let us all cast our glance up from the ground and outward, breathing in the bigger, wider world of plants.

Scott Kloos is an herbalist, ceremonialist, author, wildcrafter, plant medicine maker, and aspiring integral ecologist. Although he says the plants founded it, he stewards The School of Forest Medicine as well as Cascadia Folk Medicine, maker of high-quality herbal extracts from the native plants of the region. He authored Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 120 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness. Through his writing and his facilitation of co-created spaces of learning and healing, he explores various ways of working with plants and their medicine, relationships with our nonhuman kin, and ecologically integral modes of engaging with and thinking with the community of life.

In addition to his many years of ongoing study within green-walled groves of learning, he completed the 1999 Herbal Apprenticeship Program at the Herb Pharm in Williams, OR, and in 2000, he attended a nine-month Community Herbalist Training Program with Christopher Hobbs. He spent seven years studying the human psyche (his own and others) in Paul Levy's Awakening in the Dream group. In 2009, he studied Traditional Western Herbalism: An Intuitive and Energetic Approach with Matthew Wood in Portland, OR, and in 2018 he earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA.

Remember, different bodies react to herbs in different ways. The information presented is in no way meant to diagnose or remedy any ailment. Find out what works for you with the help of a certified herbalist, naturopathic practitioner, or other health There’s a variety of ways to get this plant medicine in your body --tinctures, capsules, teas, etc. For some ready-made tea options, check out Mountain Mel’s Herbal Teas at Use code THP15 at checkout to receive 15% off just for listening. Or make your own with bulk herbs from our partners at Mountain Rose Herbs or Oshala Farms.
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