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THE MIND PODIUM is a mental health podcast. Through this podcast, its host Piali Dasgupta, a mental illness survivor, aims to reduce the shame, stigma, ignorance and apathy around mental illness, raise awareness around mental health, and through meaningful, open conversations give hope to those who are struggling. Dasgupta is a mental illness survivor who has battled Treatment Resistant Depression and Anxiety for 24 years. Outside work, she spends time on mental health advocacy, aiming to reduce the needless shame and stigma around mental illness and normalising conversations around mental health so that people with mental illnesses don't have the added burden of dealing with societal judgement, apathy and stigma. This podcast is for all stakeholders of mental health - doctors, psychologists, therapists, trauma therapists, wellness practioners, people with lived experience of mental illness and mental health advocates. But it is also for allies of people who suffer from one or more mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar syndrome, schizophrenia, dementia, Borderline Personality Disorder etc. If you know someone that is suffering from a mental illness, please feel free to share this podcast with them. It may help them find hope. Got feedback? Please write to us at

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