Tips from the ER with Kristen O'Brien of Twin Mama Blog

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As Mamas, we all face the wide spectrum of medical incidents with our children. Wether it be a scrape or cut, fever, allergic reaction, or worse, it is hard to know when to call the doctor or if it warrants a trip to the ER.
On today's episode, 12 year nurse and mama of twins Kristen O'Brien joins us to talk through several different medical scenarios and how to react. She and Bethany discuss common visits for fevers, recognizing an allergic reaction, common medications given, frequent injuries in kids, as well as what to call the pediatrician/doctor for versus go to urgent care or go to the ER.
Kristen also explains the emergency room visit process to provide a better understanding of what to expect when you visit. Bethany and Kristen also touch on the importance of water safety and why every parent should know the basics of CPR!
Resources mentioned in this episode:
Steve Jo on TikTok
TinyHood Infant CPR Online Course Baby 101: The Parenting Prerequisite
You can find Kristen over at Twin Mama Blogs!

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